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  • Time Saving Valentine's Day Tips

    Posted on January 29 2019

    Time Saving Valentine's Day Tips
    Valentine’s Day can be so lovely but also so stressful. The tasks pile up when I want to make the day special with kid’s class Valentines, teacher treats, children’s surprises, Galentine’s, office mates, and my dear husband. Letting go of grand expectations and keeping things simple is the key for me to keep my sanity around this time of year. Here are a few time-saving tips from me to you:
  • Essential Oils and Your Family

    Posted on January 01 2019

    essential oils and your family

    As the busiest time of the year comes to a close and I look forward to a brand-new year, I think of all the new possibilities it brings. Of course, I’m of the belief that a new beginning is possible anytime no matter the date, but the thought of a brand-new year does help motivate one to be extra vigilant and mindful of their goals.

  • Simple Side Dishes

    Posted on December 03 2018

    Simple Side Dishes
    If there are any helpful tips on navigating the holiday season craze, it would have to always circle back to simplicity. The best way to keep stress at bay and enjoyment at the heart is to keep things simple. From entertaining to recipes we have a few tips below on how to breeze through the hustle and bustle.
  • Greenleaf Holiday Gift Guide & Wrapping Tips

    Posted on November 08 2018

    Greenleaf Holiday Gift Guide & Wrapping Tips
    1. A gift bag that rocks. Place a few festive items like a small sachet, auto vent c...
  • Greenleaf Hits the Runway

    Posted on October 24 2018

    Greenleaf Hits the Runway
    Greenleaf was honored to play a small role in such an iconic event rich with history, by collaborating with designer Yuna Yang for the ninth season in a row.