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How to Make Your Home a Haven this Spring

How to Make Your Home a Haven this Spring
Does the idea of fresh flowers, sunny skies and the freshness of a clean and organized home make your heart skip a beat?  You’re in luck! Spring is just around the corner and you can finally wave goodbye to gloomy days bundled up in your cozy winter apparel. To get the wheels in motion, now is the perfect time to get your spring-cleaning game plan in order. Continue reading

Pattern + Packaging Design with Amy

Pattern + Packaging Design with Amy
We start with a fragrance that was paneled, then it goes into a holistic panel to decide what the packaging looks like. Today we’re going to talk about Cucumber Lily which came out in the spring. It is a fruity floral. It’s got some melon notes, cucumber, lilies, and roses. It is a perfect spring time blend. Continue reading

Time Saving Valentine's Day Tips

Time Saving Valentine's Day Tips
Valentine’s Day can be so lovely but also so stressful. The tasks pile up when I want to make the day special with kid’s class Valentines, teacher treats, children’s surprises, Galentine’s, office mates, and my dear husband. Letting go of grand expectations and keeping things simple is the key for me to keep my sanity around this time of year. Here are a few time-saving tips from me to you: Continue reading

Essential Oils and Your Family

Essential Oils and Your Family

As the busiest time of the year comes to a close and I look forward to a brand-new year, I think of all the new possibilities it brings. Of course, I’m of the belief that a new beginning is possible anytime no matter the date, but the thought of a brand-new year does help motivate one to be extra vigilant and mindful of their goals.

Continue reading

Simple Side Dishes

Simple Side Dishes
If there are any helpful tips on navigating the holiday season craze, it would have to always circle back to simplicity. The best way to keep stress at bay and enjoyment at the heart is to keep things simple. From entertaining to recipes we have a few tips below on how to breeze through the hustle and bustle. Continue reading

Greenleaf Holiday Gift Guide & Wrapping Tips

Greenleaf Holiday Gift Guide & Wrapping Tips

1. A gift bag that rocks. Place a few festive items like a small sachet, auto vent clip, and a Christmas ornament in one of our organza bags for an easy gift set. This present is perfect for teachers, your mail person, neighbors, your hair dresser, and anyone else who brightens your day-to-day.


auto fragrance stocking stuffers

2. Stocking stuffers. Your kids can take the scent of the holidays with them to their room, their dorm, or back to their own homes. Our favorite scented stocking stuffers are room sprays, auto vent clips, candle cube votives, and home fragrance oils.


3. Gifts that just need a bow. Did your husband use 15 feet of wrapping paper to wrap two gifts and your best friend recently go gluten free? At times like these, what you need is a non-edible, pre-wrapped gift. Enter, holiday flower diffusers. Give your best high-maintenance friend a low maintenance gift: festive holiday fragrance in a beautiful blooming flower diffuser. The best part is that all you have to do is add a bow and go. Other gifts that just need a bow include our signature reed diffusers and signature candles!


4. Gifts that promote T.L.C. Put together a fragrance gift set for your friend who practices self-care. There's no denying that we could all use a little tender love and care now and then. If you have a friend or family member who's especially good at taking time to relax, help them enjoy their #selfcaresaturdays and #tlctuesdays even more with Spa Springs candles, lavender bar soap, and a vanilla reed diffuser. Having simple, clean scents around their house will help them enjoy the little moments all year long.


5. Gifts for girls on the go. Pick a present that complements your friend's active lifestyle. Put together a pack of sachets that she can use in her gym bag, at home with shoes, in the car, and in the laundry room to keep things fresh. Auto vent clips, reed diffusers, and the fragrance fan diffuser are also great gifts for those with an active lifestyle. They can enjoy their favorite scents as they hustle and bustle without needing to remember to extinguish a flame.

Gift Wrapping Tips

Now that you've got your ideas for all the gifts you'll be giving this season, let's make them look like a million bucks! 

1. Go for a wrapping paper with one or two colors and kick up the look with patterned ribbon!

2. Create different looks with ribbon! Use three strands side by side to create a patterned band. Wrap the ribbon around the edges to create a frame and tie a present topper like a sachet or car freshener in a fun holiday scent on the top!

3. Tie three or four ribbons individually to maximize bow impact. 

4. Use one long strand of ribbon to wrap the gift diagonally and finish off the look with a large bow.

5. Go traditional. Create four squares with your ribbon and curl additional ribbon to create a large center feature. 

6. Are you not a fan of wrapping presents? You can get your gifts wrapped at many retailers to save yourself a step!

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Greenleaf Hits the Runway

Greenleaf Hits the Runway
Greenleaf was honored to play a small role in such an iconic event rich with history, by collaborating with designer Yuna Yang for the ninth season in a row. Continue reading

Halloween Tips

Halloween Tips


Halloween is quickly approaching. Let's make it special and take time to enjoy it with the kids with some sanity-saving tips! 

Halloween Décor Tips

1. Put a scented votive candle in your jack-o-lantern so that it looks AND smells good on your porch!

2. Preserve your pumpkin! Spray your pumpkin on the inside and outside with a bathroom cleaner that contains bleach. Let it evaporate for at least 5 minutes, then light you candle inside and display. This trick keeps the pumpkin from rotting too quickly and deters animals from trying to eat it.  See more on pumpkin carving tips here.

3. Make sure to cut a vent in the top of your Jack-o-lantern so that smoke from the candle can escape!

4. Not feeling the spooky decorations? Simply use lanterns with your favorite candles to create a fun fall atmosphere. You can add gourds and sprigs of fall colored leaves around the lanterns to create a cozy look.

5. Less is more- keep things simple with a few of your favorite seasonal decorations and focus on the family.



Halloween Mom Tips

1. Be visible. Even if you’re planning on taking the kids trick or treating while the sun is out, it doesn’t hurt to add a strip of reflective material to your child’s costume so that they are visible to cars while they’re out and about.

2. Have a candy plan. We don’t want to be Debbie-downers because we love high fructose corn syrup as much as the next girl. A bag full of candy is a lot of temptation for anyone, so talk with your kids before trick or treating about how much candy they can have per day. Hopefully this will help you spread out the sugar intake!

3. Check the candy for choking hazards before letting the kiddos dig in.

4. Indulge a little bit- for us that means getting the orange Oreo’s. What does it mean for you?

5. Keep the candy somewhere only you and your spouse can reach it. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

6. Check your front yard for trash leftover from the night before.

7. Fix a delicious and nutritious breakfast with protein the morning after Halloween to help everyone get over their sugar crash.

Do you have any Halloween Tips we didn’t mention here? If so, let us know in a comment!

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Where to Buy Greenleaf Fragrance Products Near Me

Where to Buy Greenleaf Fragrance Products Near Me

If you've ever asked Siri, Alexa, or Google to find you a fabulous fragrance within easy driving distance, you're not alone. We all want our homes to smell fresh, so when we run out of our favorite fragrances, the nearest location to stock up on more is the first thing that comes to mind. Whether you need a car air freshener, reed diffuser, scented sachet, or simply a candle to enjoy at the end of the day, we've got you covered. 

3 Easy Ways to Shop Greenleaf Fragrance Products :

1. Find a Greenleaf Retailer near you:

Our retailers are the best, so you're definitely going to want to get to know the Greenleaf retailer near you. Simply type your zip code into our store locator, and a list of Greenleaf retailers within 25 miles of your location will auto-populate. 

PRO TIP: It's a great idea to give them a call before driving over to see which Greenleaf fragrances and products they have in stock. 

2. Shop the site:

The good news is that you're already here! If you're looking to browse our entire collection of fragrances and products, is a great place to start. Filter by fragrance category, item type, and price point to find the perfect gift or item you're searching for. 

3. Shop on social

You can shop your favorite Greenleaf fragrance products in your Instagram feed by tapping on the images that have the shopping bag icon in the bottom right corner. You can shop on Facebook by clicking on the "Shop" option on the left side of our page. 

 shop greenleaf instagram shop Greenleaf facebook


What's your favorite place to find Greenleaf Gifts? We'd love to hear about your shopping experiences and how they can be improved. Leave a comment below to share where you first found Greenleaf and where you go to stock back up!

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