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101 ways to sachet

1. Slide some sachets into your sock drawers, shoe boxes, and stinky tennis shoes. 

2. Include a sachet in the bin when storing your seasonal clothing. 

3. Toss a sachet in your suitcase while packing for a vacation. 

4. Keep a sachet with your scarves, hats, and gloves between uses. 

5. Place one in your coat closet to create a welcoming scent. 

6. When storing winter clothing, coats, and blankets for next year, drop a sachet in the box. 

7. Keep the musty smell of the attic away from your belongings by adding sachets to all your storage bins. 

8. Sachets are perfect for adding a fresh scent to your garage, basement, shed, and other storage areas. 

9. Keep a sachet where you store your hiking gear or camping supplies. 

10. Make DIY projects feel extra fresh by storing a sachet in your toolbox. 

11. Place one under the kitchen sink to keep musty odors at bay. 

12. Clip a sachet to the front or top of your refrigerator to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. 

13. Got a trash compactor? Keep it from getting stinky by placing a sachet inside. 

14. Make cooking something to look forward to by sticking a sachet in your recipe box. 

15. Make wine and cheese nights extra relaxing by tucking a sachet into your wine rack. 

16. Place a few sachets in your closet to keep your wardrobe smelling lovely. 

17. For a sweet fragrance in the bathroom, slide a sachet into a vanity drawer or dressing table. 

18. Keep a bathroom smelling fresh by hiding some behind the toilet or under the sink. 

19. For a burst of fragrance as you get ready, store a sachet with your hair accessories. 

20. Store one with table linens and décor to make dinner parties smell especially lovely. 

21. Have sweet-smelling dreams when you slip a sachet into your duvet or pillow shams. 

22. Keep your master bedroom smelling great by placing a sachet in your dresser or bedside table. 

23. Make overnight guests feel extra cozy by placing a few sachets around your guest room. 

24. Place sachets on small easels to add a touch of fragrant art to your space and elevate your home décor. 

25. Keep that freshly washed fragrance going by placing a sachet where you store bed linens or towels. 

26. Store sachets in your suitcases and duffel bags to make traveling a delightful experience. 

27. Keep the laundry room or mud room smelling fresh and clean with sachets! 

28. When company is expected, place a sachet under the welcome mat or on the front porch. 

29. Tuck a sachet into your front door décor to treat delivery drivers and guests to a fresh and friendly greeting. 

30. Feel inspired as you reach for your cookbooks by storing a sachet among them. 

31. Make summer vacation extra sweet by keeping a sachet with your beach bag or towels. 

32. Secretly scent your entryway by hiding a sachet in your umbrella stand. 

33. Hide one behind your fake plants to keep your home smelling good. 

34. Tuck a sachet in a magazine rack or pillow cover for a softly scented living space. 

35. Enjoy fragrance and art at the same time by using a small easel to display a sachet on your mantle. 

36. Keep a sachet in your hope chest or wardrobe for a burst of fragrance every time you open it. 

37. Tuck sachets into picture frames you have around your home or in your office. 

38. Keep common areas smelling clean by hiding sachets under chairs or other seating. 

39. Use them to freshen up those musty corners and nooks in your home. 

40. Place them in smoky areas or near ashtrays. 

41. Place a sachet near any space that has fire or water damage. 

42. Make your mudroom smell great by adding sachets. 

43. Place a few sachets near your vents or on your radiator to circulate sweet scent in your home. 

44. Hang a sachet from your ceiling fan using pretty ribbon or a hook. 

45. Help trash cans maintain a fresh scent by sliding a sachet between the bin and the bag. 

46. Place sachets in a home that’s for sale to provide a welcoming fragrance to potential buyers. 

47. Open the envelope and add the contents to your vacuum compartment or bag. The scent will diffuse as you vacuum! 

48. Keep a sachet in your golf bag. We can’t say it will improve your game, but it might improve your mood! 

49. Keep a sachet in your gym bag to freshen your clothes, shoes, and locker. 

50. Keep sweaty smells at bay by using sachets in your home gym or workout space. 

51. Got kids who play sports? Keep their sweaty odors hidden by placing sachets with their equipment. 

52. Scent your vehicle by placing sachets under the seats, floor mats, or visor. 

53. Make your ride extra fresh by keeping sachets in the trunk, door pocket, or glove box. 

54. Take a sachet with you while traveling to make your hotel room smell more like home. 

55. Cuddly moments on the couch are especially lovely when you place a sachet wherever you store your blankets. 

56. Take some along to vacation homes (and leave them behind as a gift)! 

57. Make flying an exciting adventure by taking a sachet along for the ride. 

58. Keep sachets with fishing supplies, boats, or pontoons to eliminate fishy odors. 

59. Keep luggage smelling fresh between trips by placing a sachet inside. 

60. Make working a little more fun by keeping one in your briefcase or laptop bag. 

61. Stuff a sachet into the diaper pail to eliminate those funky, lingering odors. 

62. A calming scent in the baby’s nursery might help lull them to sleep (and save your sanity). 

63. Keep the litter box area smelling clean by clipping a sachet somewhere nearby. 

64. Sachets make great housewarming gifts. Drop one into a gift bag or slide it into the greeting card. 

65. Teachers like to keep their classrooms smelling fresh by tucking sachets in a variety of places. 

66. Make your child’s favorite teacher feel extra special by gifting them a few scented sachets. 

67. Send your college students or summer campers a care package filled with their favorite fragrance. 

68. Let your kids carry their favorite fragrance with them by slipping a sachet into their bookbag. 

69. Kids can enjoy a fragrant break between classes by slipping a sachet into their locker. 

70. Brighten up a university dorm room with delightful fragrance and beautiful artwork! 

71. Reading can be even more enjoyable when you place sachets near bookshelves and reading nooks. 

72. Place them around your office or cubicle to personalize your workspace. 

73. Place inside your desk drawers to make the workday smell sweet. 

74. Add sachets to your child’s desk drawers to make homework seem a little less mundane. 

75. Add an energetic zing to your workday by keeping a sachet behind your computer monitor. 

76. Freshen up the office by placing a sachet in the room where paper and other supplies are stored. 

77. Tuck a sachet into a gift basket for a touch of sweetness as they unwrap their goodies. 

78. Sachets make great hostess or housewarming gifts – you can share one for every room! 

79. Use sachets as gift toppers to add a touch of fragrance and style to each present. 

80. Brighten someone’s day by simply handing them a sachet! 

81. Make family and friends feel extra loved by adding sachets to snail mail. 

82. Store with extra cards and stationery for a lingering sweet scent. 

83. Fragrance an event space by hanging sachets with ribbons. 

84. Give them as favors to your party guests. 

85. Tuck a sachet into a faux floral arrangement to keep them as fresh as they are beautiful. 

86. Place your favorite holiday sachet into an artificial wreath, garland, or Christmas tree. 

87. Use sachets as ornaments by adding ribbon or simply placing on the branches of your tree. 

88. Top off your holiday stockings with the gorgeous gift of fragrance! 

89. Send sachets with holiday cards to share the spirit of the season with friends and family. 

90. Holidays smell sweeter when you slip a sachet into your storage bins filled with decorations and gift wrap. 

91. Add fresh spruce fragrance by keeping a sachet with your artificial Christmas tree. 

92. Tuck a sachet into your autumn decor or centerpiece, or near the pumpkins on the front porch. 

93. Keep a sachet in your makeup bag to make getting ready an even more beautiful experience. 

94. Trick or treat! Tuck a few sachets into your Halloween décor and delight the costumed kiddos who ring the doorbell. 

95. Will you be my bridesmaid? Include a beautiful scent with your bridesmaid proposal gifts to make them feel extra special. 

96. Top of your bridal or baby shower gifts with a sachet for a touch of beautiful fragrance. 

97. Mask the smell of your teen’s dirty clothes by placing a sachet in the bottom of their laundry basket. 

98. While traveling, keep a sachet in your dirty clothes bag to keep the rest of your suitcase smelling fresh. 

99. Store one with your picnic blanket for a delightful burst of fragrance as you unfold it. 

100. Take your favorite fragrance everywhere you go by sliding a sachet into your purse organizer. 

101. Spruce up the mancave by tucking a few sachets into his recliner or behind the TV. 


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