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Deeply rooted in creating everyday fragrance for the modern lifestyle, our humble origins began as a bedding plant business in 1975 started by husband and wife duo, Bob and Sylvia Caldwell. Armed with an idea Sylvia brought back from a craft show, the seed was planted and the original scented envelope sachet was created. With our first product, we entered the home fragrance market over 40 years ago.

We believe in every day for every woman.

After launching the original envelope sachet, we have been committed to taking the success of our business and pouring it back into the lives of others, especially women. Now, we celebrate this mission through the Greenleaf Cares initiative. Through Greenleaf Cares, a portion of sales are donated to organizations to help break the cycle of human trafficking, which is the fastest growing crime in the world. Switch and Restavek Freedom are the first two non-profits to benefit from Greenleaf Cares, and we look forward to cultivating change and raising awareness of human trafficking while providing everyday home fragrance solutions for the modern, female lifestyle.


The Root: Our passion is rooted in creating quality home fragrance solutions for you to plug into your modern lifestyle.

The Water: The home fragrance solutions you purchase enable us to fund the Greenleaf Cares initiative, which waters a core value of Greenleaf to be a blessing to others, especially women.

The Light: In an effort to shed light on the reality of human trafficking and raise awareness of this crime on a local and international level, Greenleaf is partnering with organizations leading the fight against human trafficking.

The Growth: We experience growth from uniting together to break the cycle of human trafficking, which cultivates the change we need to end modern day slavery in our world.

Our team of artists hand paint classic patterns with a modern twist and work with our in-house fragrance lab to develop timeless fragrances home-grown in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We invite you to experience Greenleaf and make your everyday smell a little sweeter.