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Haven Flower Diffuser & Fragrance Oil Refill

Haven Flower Diffuser & Fragrance Oil Refill

$54.00 $48.60

This bundle is all you need to enjoy your beautiful Flower Diffuser for up to 120 days! The Flower Diffuser & Refill Bundle includes one Flower Diffuser and one Flower Diffuser Refill in the same fragrance. 

Flower Diffuser: Our Flower Diffuser includes your favorite Greenleaf fragrance oil and a sola paper flower that emits a beautiful, blooming scent for up to 60 days! As the fragrance oils are absorbed through the wick, the flower begins to “bloom,” slowly emitting the fragrance and eventually resembling real flower petals. With the neutral color of the oil and the large flower, it will enhance and complement any space.

Flower Diffuser Refill: Bring your Flower Diffuser back to life! Use the entire contents of this refill to enjoy your Flower Diffuser one additional time after initial use.