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Yuna Yang Partnership: Greenleaf At Fashion Week

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Yuna Yang Partnership: Greenleaf At Fashion Week

I had the privilege to attend Yuna Yang’s Spring 2018 Fashion Show, which was held in New York City at the prestigious Mount Vernon Hotel & Museum on September 8th. Yuna’s new collection is titled “Save the Earth”. Inspired by environmental art installations around the world, Yuna wants to send a message about the importance of preserving our Earth.

Her designs interlaced her signature style of delicate lace, bursts of floral, and edgy Dr. Martin sneakers that grounded the feminine designs. Yuna has been a loyal fan of Greenleaf fragrance products and chose Buttercup Fields to gift to her guests and fragrance the event space. I value our relationship with Yuna and we look forward to supporting her in the future. Cheers to an amazing show Yuna!

-Jamie Pierce – Greenleaf PR