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The Holiday-Ready Home

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The Holiday-Ready Home
As our favorite crooner, Bing Crosby, sings, “For the holidays you can’t beat home sweet home.” We agree with the sentiment, but sometimes home doesn’t smell sweet when you’ve got family members in every nook and cranny. Whether your kids are on break from school, you’re hosting friends for holiday parties, or you are the guest at family member’s event, we’ve got all you need to make sure that this holiday season, you really can’t beat home sweet home.


10 Steps to Create Your Holiday-Ready Home:


1. Stock up on room spray

    holiday room sprays

    Sometimes you just need a quick burst of fresh holiday fragrance. Stock up on room sprays before guests come over so you’re always prepared. Keep one in the restroom, laundry room, and beside the front door where dirty shoes are left behind. You can’t always choose those on your invite list, but you can choose what you smell while you have company. From Classic Linen to Vanilla and Merry Memories, we’ve got fragrances to fit every need this holiday season.


    2. Set and forget reed diffusers are a must

      holiday reed diffuser silver spruce on mantle holiday decor

      Sometimes our to-do list looks as long as Santa’s in the last few months of the year. If you’re a little too busy making merry memories to remember whether or not you blew out that candle in the living room, get your favorite fragrance in a reed diffuser. Then you can enjoy your favorite scent for thirty days without worrying about an open flame.


      3. Sachet all day

      merry memories slim scented envelope sachet on holiday gift wrapping

      The time for sachets is now. There are a multitude of gifts to be wrapped, cards to send, and linens to be swapped. Stash a sachet in your linen closet to keep sheets that aren’t used as frequently fresh, add a sachet to gift wrap for a special touch, or slip a sachet into your envelope to make a card a special treat!


      4. No-wrapping-needed gifts

      You know that moment when an acquaintance pulls out a gift you weren’t expecting? Keep a few holiday flower diffusers on hand for just such an occasion. With their holiday packaging, all you need to do is add a bow, and you are ready for every unexpected gift-exchange.


      5. The real vs. fake tree dilemma

        The kids love the smell of that needle-dropping tree that’s a struggle to haul in and set up, and if we’re honest, so do we! However, every year the convenience of a tree that’s half the weight and only a one-time purchase gets a little harder to resist. If you decide to go with an artificial tree, we’ve got you covered. Place a Silver Spruce sachet on a branch and you can enjoy the Christmas tree scent without the hassle of a real tree.


        6. Gifts for the girl who has everything

          tuscan vineyard signature candle votive tin

          We all have that one friend-she’s thoughtful and an ace at gift-giving. She always finds the thing you needed but didn’t even know existed. This year treat her to a scented candle or two. Go with a fragrance that matches her personality and a color that fits her home décor.


          7. Easy-as-can-be centerpiece

            colorful ornaments christmas holiday table setting votive candles

            The dining table is where votives come in. Place a few votives in votive holders along the length of your table. Set trimmings from your tree or holly along the center of the table, weaving in and out of the votives, then adorn with a few ornaments or holiday picks for a pop of color.


            8. Welcome visitors with a fragrant holiday wreath on the front door

              merry memories slim scented envelope sachet in wreath christmas

              Wrap your holiday wreath with festive ribbon and set a sachet in the bottom of your wreath. Then you can enjoy the scent whenever you welcome someone new.


              9. Flameless fragrance for when there’s a crowd

                fall home fragrance oil and warmer

                Use a warmer and fragrance oil when you’ve got a crowd coming in. This is a great way to fragrance a busy space because you can dial up the scent or dial it down based on how many drops of fragrance oil you add to your warmer.


                10. There’s something for everyone under the tree

                   room sprays

                  With over 25 fragrances and 17 product types, we’ve got something for everyone on your gift list. Shop everything from car fresheners, linen sprays, fragrance pods, flower diffusers, bar soaps, e-gift cards and more today!

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