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Time Saving Valentine's Day Tips

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Time Saving Valentine's Day Tips


Valentine’s Day can be so lovely but also so stressful. The tasks pile up when I want to make the day special with kid’s class Valentines, teacher treats, children’s surprises, Galentine’s, office mates, and my dear husband. Grand plans are dreamed of in January after searching for the perfect craft and recipes on Pinterest. Then the early February reality sets in. Not everything makes it on the final list. The cutest Pinterest Valentine becomes a store-bought cartoon character card that my son picks out, which is fine. It is the thought that counts, right?!  Letting go of grand expectations and keeping things simple is the key for me to keep my sanity around this time of year. Here are a few time-saving tips from me to you:


  1. Use store bought cookie dough for the kids to decorate. The activity and the delicious cookies are still appreciated by all.
  2. Knock out school treats the weekend before the 14th. It is too much to do during the week.
  3. Bring a plate of cookies into the office instead of individually wrapped surprises.
  4. Have a night out planned for the girls instead of buying gifts.
  5. Pick a small surprise for the kids to have out on Valentine’s Day. I usually save something from Christmas shopping when I realize I have gone overboard.
  6. For the man that is by my side, I like to plan a date night the weekend before or after the 14th. With crowds and increased prices on Valentine’s Day, we find that celebrating our love the weekend after is a lot more manageable, especially if Valentine’s Day falls on a school night.


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