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Signature Style: Coffee Table Styling Tips

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Signature Style: Coffee Table Styling Tips

Curating the perfect coffee table style is one of the finishing touches that makes a home feel warm, inviting and well put together. By creating a beautifully balanced setting to gather around, your family and guests will want to stay a little longer next time. Take your coffee table styling to the next level with just a few simple tips:

  • Start with a base. Use a large decorative tray to create a stylish grouping that is tidy and organized.
  • Add a signature scent. Choose your signature scent for your space by using Greenleaf’s Signature Candle and Signature Tin. Your guests will automatically associate the scent with special memories in your home.
  • Bring Nature Indoors. Faux or Real Greenery will add breath of fresh air to your space.
  • Make It Personal. Add a personal touch, whether it is a special photo or souvenir, to keep the conversation going.
  • Shift with the Season. Keep it fresh by swapping out decorative accessories based on the season.


For more helpful tips, check out our latest YouTube video. You’ll be styling your coffee table like a pro in no time!