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Signature Scents: Kitchen Clean Up

Posted on August 14 2017

Signature Scents: Kitchen Clean Up

Eliminate food odors and keep your kitchen smelling fresh with Greenleaf Signature Fragrances. We offer a wide variety of scents that are created specifically by our own team of perfumers with you in mind. By layering fragrance and beautiful packaging, we are committed to delivering quality products. Greenleaf’s Signature Reed Diffusers offer bold fragrance in a stylish package that fits any space in your kitchen and fragrances for up to 30 days. Our quality Reed Diffuser Oil fragrances get a powerful boost from our biodegradable Fiber Reeds, which provide double the fragrance release through special fragrance technology! Our Signature Candles are a wax blend of soy and vegetable, available in a rainbow of fragrances, filled in elegant logo-etched glass and boxed beautifully in a sophisticated box wrapped with our signature patterns. Greenleaf Scented Sachets are available in all scents and can be clipped to refrigerators or displayed on the counter for an added touch of style. You could also open the Sachet and put the contents into a pot of boiling water on the stove. Our Room Sprays offer a burst of scent when you need to quickly add fragrance to your kitchen before guests arrive.


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