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Signature Jars: Recycle & Reuse

Posted on December 12 2017

Signature Jars: Recycle & Reuse

Enjoying Greenleaf’s Signature Candle doesn’t have to end when the candle is finished burning. Try some of these tips to repurpose and recycle for prolonged use of the vessel:

Clean all wax from the jar. You can try putting in the freezer for up to an hour and chip away left over wax gently with a butter knife. Wipe any remaining residue with a paper towel or cotton ball soaked in vinegar or baby oil.

  • Cosmetic Cool - Use Signature tumbler to store cotton balls, q-tips, makeup pads, make up brushes, etc to keep your bathroom sink or vanity area in tip top shape.
  • Keep It Crafty - Use Signature tumbler to keep craft supplies organized for ease of use. Keep popsicle sticks, glue sticks, markers, crayons, pompoms in order to name a few.
  • Coffee Craze - Use Signature tumbler to store extra sweetener packets at your coffee station.
  • Candy Crush - Store mints or favorite candies in empty Signature containers for a little sugar rush.
  • Nature Walk - Use clean Signature tumblers to plant favorite herb varieties or as a vase for small floral arrangements.


Have other ideas? Let us know how you repurpose your Greenleaf Signature Candles.


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