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Signature Fragrance: Moss & Mist

Posted on November 29 2017

Signature Fragrance: Moss & Mist

Go on a Woodland Jaunt with Moss & Mist

Journey to an enchanted forest teeming with mystifying visions, sounds and scents with our Signature Collection fragrance Moss & Mist. Take your senses on a woodland jaunt as ethereal haze lingers over towering trees of green as beds of velvety moss and sprawling plants make a dewy, soft underfoot.

This earthy scent unites musky patchouli with wild woods and moss sweetened by fresh apple, pear and flourishing magnolia. Giving a nod to its roots as a bedding plant business, this nature-inspired fragrance is perfect for fall or winter.

Moss & Mist is available in a variety of products: Large Sachet, Slim Sachet, Small Sachet, Signature Candle, Candle Tin, Candle Cube Votive, Room Spray, Home Fragrance Oil, Signature Reed Diffuser and Reed Diffuser Oil.


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