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Packaging & Travel Tips for Labor Day Weekend

Posted on September 05 2017

Packaging & Travel Tips for Labor Day Weekend

Don’t let the fun fade away with summer, plan a quick getaway this fall. Refresh and relax before the holiday madness begins. Make traveling a little sweeter and less stressful with these no fail packing tips.

Make your load lighter with a lightweight suitcase. Use leak proof travel bags to keep items clean. Make your lather better by bringing along Greenleaf’s Signature Bar Soap. Toss in a bottle of Linen Spray to spritz onto sheets for a sweet-smelling slumber. Make a stuffy hotel room smell like home sweet home with your favorite Signature Candle Tin. Keep the unpleasant odors of dirty clothing at bay by including a Large Sachet in your luggage. Use travel bags to keep items organized. Slip a Small Sachet into socks and pack into shoes to keep your kicks smelling fresh. Don’t forget an extra tote bag for transporting souvenir purchases.


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