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Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Every day, mothers tackle their long lists of things-to-do, kids to care for, meals to make, and work deadlines to meet…all with a fierce desire to PLEASE everyone! Well, it’s time to thank mom for all that hard work and love. To help you get an idea of what moms actually want this year, we took a poll. Here were the most popular requests: 

1. A day by herself to do whatever she wants. 

Ask beforehand if she'd like the house for a day or if she'd like to be out and about, then take the kids for the day and let her be. Maybe throw in a gift card for good measure so she can do a little guilt-free shopping. 

2. A clean house she doesn't have to work for. 

More specifically, moms on our team want a grocery shopper to get all the groceries, put them away, clean the house, and light a candle for that - got it going on - feeling. If you need some candle inspiration, click here

3. Dinner taken care of for a week, no questions asked. 

Taking on the mental effort, time commitment, and physical work of preparing dinner every night (and cleaning up afterwards) is a wonderful gift for any mother, but it's especially desired by the hard-working moms on our team. If your wife enjoys cooking, ask about another chore she might like taken off her plate for the week, or in general. One of the core elements of this gift is not asking too many questions as you prepare dinner for mom. Giving her the mental break while dinner is prepared is a large part of this gift. 

4. A nice heartfelt card with words written by the family. 

There are many ways to make mom feel appreciated. That's what she really wants. If words of affirmation are your mom's love language, write her a card letting her know how much you appreciate her and how much she means to you. Include a sachet in her favorite scent for a little something extra. 

5. A Cucumber & Lily candle with a note that says "Don't forget to pack me for your Mother's Day retreat in Palm Springs!" 

Need we say more? Here's the link for the candle. You take care of the trip details. 

6. The ultimate momma-to-be relaxation: 30 mins of yoga, face mask, foot rub, and a lavender scented candle to enjoy through it all.  

Mom doesn't necessarily need an all-inclusive pass to an expensive spa. You can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere at home for her by lighting her favorite candle and taking the time to give her a foot rub or giving her the space to do a few of her favorite things!

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