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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Posted on May 03 2018

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Everyday is Mother’s Day. Mothers tackle their long lists of things-to-do, kids to care for, meals to make, and work deadlines to meet…all with a fierce desire to PLEASE everyone! Well, it’s time for mom to take a break and actually relax! Since we do have a designated day to celebrate the special mothers in our life, lets pamper her with the perfect Greenleaf fragrance to make her day sweeter.

Greenleaf’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Which Greenleaf fragrance best suites your mom?

Roses – Do you catch your mom watching a romantic comedy any chance she gets? The soft, romantic perfume of Greenleaf’s Roses might be the fragrance for her.

Cashmere Kiss – A good book, cozy blanket, and hot tea all pair well with the vanilla, patchouli, citrus blend of Cashmere Kiss. If your mom enjoys getting comfortable with a good read, this is the fragrance for her.

Magnolia – Party anyone? Does your mom immediately make sweet tea and appetizers when she knows someone will be stopping by the house? If your mom is brimming with hospitality, Greenleaf’s classic Magnolia fragrance will welcome her guests.

Jasmine – Your mom is elegant, timeless, and tailored…even while running errands around town. Greenleaf’s Jasmine scent is the perfect compliment to her effortless style and grace.

Blushing Tulips – Does your mom take the time to give a warm smile or compliment to someone she just knows needs a boost in their day? Does she go the extra mile to make others feel special? The beautiful spring tulips of Greenleaf’s Blushing Tulips fragrance will continue to brighten her positive attitude.

Lavender – Bath time, quiet time, me time. If your mom enjoys wrapping up her hectic day with a relaxing bath, Greenleaf’s Lavender fragrance will calm her nerves and rejuvenate her spirit.

Visit to find your mom the perfect gift this Mother’s Day!

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