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Humble Beginnings

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Humble Beginnings

Hard work, dedication, love and faith, these are words that Bob & Sylvia Caldwell use to credit the success of their home fragrance company, Greenleaf, which started in 1975 as a greenhouse business. After realizing that their bedding plants were only generating money in the spring months, the Caldwell’s set out to find a new business venture to supplement their income. Little did they know that the simple ingredient, vermiculite, which Sylvia found at a local craft fair, would change their lives forever. With a little help from Sylvia’s sunbeam mixer, a lot of trial and error and a ton of fragrance oil research, the Caldwell’s created the first ever Scented Envelope Sachet.

In the November 2017 issue of Giftware News Magazine, Bob Caldwell states, “I was afraid to turn loose of the greenhouse because that’s what we knew. But once we figured out (the fragrance business) would work, that Christmas season we pretty much bet the farm”. The Caldwell’s continued to expand their businesses over the years with the formation of Grace Management Group, which is the parent company for several home fragrance companies. With all the ups and downs, successes and losses, the Caldwell’s give all the glory to their faith. “The reason we selected the name (Grace) is that we felt it was only by the grace of God that someone could take a pack of vermiculite and manage to make a living selling fragrances.” – Sylvia Caldwell.

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