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How to Make Your Home a Haven this Spring

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How to Make Your Home a Haven this Spring

 Does the idea of fresh flowers, sunny skies and the freshness of a clean and organized home make your heart skip a beat? You’re in luck! Spring is just around the corner and you can finally wave goodbye to gloomy days bundled up in your cozy winter apparel. To get the wheels in motion, now is the perfect time to get your spring-cleaning game plan in order.


Make your home a haven with the following tips:


Clean out your Refrigerator. Yes, I mean take everything out. This will give you the opportunity to wipe clean the shelves, removing any juices or crumbs that have built up over the past few months. Before putting your items back in the fridge, check all expiration dates and purge all expired items. That ketchup that expired in 2017 has got to go (We’ve all been there!).

The Home Edit

Channel your inner Joanna & Clea from The Home Edit.  The swoon-worthy organization style of The Home Edit has us wanting win a shopping spree to the Container Store to buy all the storage bins. By following their technique of grouping similar items together in bins and baskets, and adding in risers and turntables, you can maximize your pantry space. Scroll their Instagram and try not to get the organization bug – it’s impossible not to feel inspired!

 Messy Desk

Go through “the stack”.  You know the one that seems to have a life of its own. You just went through it last week, but somehow it’s piled back up again. Turn over a new leaf, and stop holding on to papers you don’t need. If it’s information you’re not ready to get rid of, take a photo of it and start a digital folder so you can easily reference. No counter space needed.

 Garden Plan

Make your garden plan. Start planning out what flowers and plants you’ll need to freshen up your plant beds this Spring and make a list of all yard work projects you’d like to complete. Planting is recommended after last frost, so check for your area’s date on Farmer’s Almanac.

Haven Linen Spray

Freshen sheets. You will love the way your sheets smell with the added freshness of Haven Linen Spray. Just spritz all over your sheets and you will be welcomed by the scent of fresh seashore breeze blended with lavender and jasmine, woody amber and sweet musk.

🧐 Do you have a favorite Spring Cleaning tip to share? Comment below!

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