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Greenleaf's College Survival Kit

Posted on August 02 2018

Greenleaf's College Survival Kit


We are just a few weeks away from a new school year! And with this brings the inevitable back-to-school shopping list. Going beyond the essentials – pencils, notepads and textbooks there is an excitement heading into college and preparing for the dorm room. Decorating and moving into a college dorm can be overwhelming. You are given a blank canvas to make the space your own. When moving from the comfort of home sweet home into the new normal of a dorm room, incorporate a fragrance to transform the room from unfamiliar to comfortable.

Greenleaf Room Spray & Reed Diffuser

Greenleaf provides flameless products that are perfect for any college space –no matter what your budget may be. With dorm décor on the mind, Greenleaf has a variety of flameless products to choose from to incorporate into your vision to help make the dorm room feel a little more like home. From the elegant display décor of flower and fan diffusers to the discreet placement of room sprays and sachets there is a flameless fragrance product for any and every space in the room.

Slim Sachet in Basket

Here are some tips, tricks and life hacks provided by Greenleaf’s College Survival Kit 101:

  • Place a flower diffuser on your desk, keeping your room fresh
  • Use a room spray for when you want for when a fragrance boost
  • Place a sachet with your towels and sheets to keep them smelling fresh
  • Place a sachet in your closet and drawers
  • Place a fan diffuser on a shelving unit to fragrance your space


Haven Room Spray

Fan Diffuser


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