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Gift Guide: It's in the Bag

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Gift Guide: It's in the Bag

With so many special celebrations to plan for, Greenleaf has the perfect gifts scented for every occasion. Whether it is a birthday, a noteworthy accomplishment or just sharing a bit of sunshine, Greenleaf can help create instant moments of joy with thoughtful everyday gift bundles. Try putting together these fabulous everyday gift ideas at home:

  • Time to Relax. Pair a Greenleaf Lavender Slim Sachet with cozy slippers, facial mask, and rich foot cream. It’ll feel like the spa in no time!
  • On the Go. Perfect for the busy bee in your life, fill a travel cup with a cute keychain and Bella Freesia Auto Vent Clip and Small Sachet.
  • Give Yourself a Hand. There’s nothing like gifting a little “me time”. For an instant treat, gift a trendy nail polish, nail file and Spa Springs Signature Soap.
  • Wine Not. Because they’re always an occasion for wine lovers! Wrap up a Tuscan Vineyard Signature Candle in a Tea Towel suited for the season.
  • Cook it Up. An absolute ray of sunshine! Fill a bright colored oven mitt with utensils and a Buttercup Fields Room Spray to gift a burst of happiness.
  • Soak Up the Sun. Gift the Vitamin Sea he/she needs by rolling up a towel with the perfect beach magazine and a Seaspray Room Spray. They’ll be well on their way to feeling the vacation breeze.


Looking for more gift ideas? Follow along with Greenleaf as we continue to share inspired gifts for everyone on your list.