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Fragrance Fan Diffuser: Signature Scents in a Snap

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Fragrance Fan Diffuser: Signature Scents in a Snap

After adding a second daughter to our family back in June, life seems to be hurled at me at lightning speed most days. After juggling work, diaper changes, feedings, pre-school, home upkeep, meals, grocery store visits, kissing boo-boos, bath and bedtime stories etc., it’s all I can do at the end of the day to fall into bed and mentally prep to start it all again when a hungry baby starts fussing to be fed in three hours. To say the least, it’s a blur, and most days I don’t come up for air.

An easy button for anything sounds like a dream, which is why when it comes to fragrancing our home, I opt for Greenleaf’s Fan Diffuser. It’s easy, instant, mess-free, and I don’t have to think about it. Let’s be honest with a baby and a dog, odors can be a little unpleasant at times to say the least. Candles lit with a curious three-year-old…I’ll save the fire department a trip. The Fan Diffuser is flame free.

The Fan Diffuser works in tandem with Greenleaf’s Fan Diffuser Fragrance Pods. After selecting my preferred fragrance, I insert the pod at the base of the diffuser. The process is very similar to making morning coffee in a Keurig. Press the button, and instantly fragrance is delivered into the atmosphere. It only takes two to three minutes to fill a 200 square foot room. So when I have a neighbor that calls to drop by, I hit the button and at least my house smells like I have it all together. Oh, what’s even better is the automatic shut off because I’m notorious for leaving the house always wondering if I have left anything on. After a 20 minute cycle, the diffuser will automatically stop operating. For more fragrance, simply press the button again. One fragrance pod will last up to 25 hours.

As a mom, I also change my mind and my mood from minute to minute. The Fan Diffuser allows for easy and quick fragrance changes to accommodate those shifts. Sometimes I feel like warm and cozy. Sometimes it’s calm and relaxed. It’s easy to set the fragrance tone with a variety of Fragrance Pod options, which include: Bella Freesia, Cashmere Kiss, Classic Linen, Garden Breeze, Haven, Hope, Lavender, Magnolia, Merry Memories, Orange & Honey, Roses, Seaspray, Silver Spruce, Vanilla and Wintertime Wishes.

If instant, easy and rewarding is what your life is needing these days, snap to it and try Greenleaf’s Fan Diffuser. If you become a fan, we want to know. Give us a shout on social and share your experience.