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5 Rules for being a #GirlBoss

Posted on September 24 2018

5 Rules for being a #GirlBoss


If the idea in your head of a #GIRLBOSS is a pencil skirt wearing, corporate go-getter – think again! We ALL have an inner #GIRLBOSS that is ready to be unleashed. A #GIRLBOSS is much more than a job title, it’s a state of mind. No matter how you spend your days, here’s 5 tips to tap into the #GIRLBOSS within you.


1. Be Confident & Believe in the power of Y-O-U!

Step 1 of being a #GIRLBOSS is believing in yourself. We know, some days can be harder than others, but challenge yourself to have positive inner thoughts. Not feeling like a complete rockstar? Write a note to yourself with a chalk pen on your bathroom mirror. Whatever reminder you need to hear most – repeat it to yourself when you start your day. Before not too long, the power of self love will boost your #GIRLBOSS confidence.

2. Help Others.

Radiating kindness is the best kind of glow, don’t you agree? By sharing your beautiful heart with those around you and treating everyone you meet with compassion and kindness, you will leave a #GIRLBOSS impression on your community. Don’t discount the small things– helping your kids put their shoes on, giving a friend a compliment, dropping off dinner for a new mother – all have a meaningful effect on your loved ones.

3. Get out of your Comfort Zone.

New things can be scary, but a #GIRLBOSS knows that pushing herself outside of her limits can create a full life well lived. Now, we’re not saying you have to go climb Mt. Everest, but try something new! Never tried yoga? Sign up for a class! Scared to try Sushi? Check out a new restaurant! You can do this girl.  New adventures will push you to your limits and force you to grow in ways you didn’t know you were capable of.

4. Put your phone down & Be Present.

Have you ever sat at a dinner table with a group of people looking at their phones? This is a reality we all know far too well.  Be a #GIRLBOSS by putting the phone down, and engaging in meaningful conversation. Build relationships with the people around you and take a genuine interest in their world. 

5. Find your Routine & what works for best for YOU.

You Do You, Girl! You know yourself better than anyone else so do what works best for you. Find your passions, make time for the people you love, and don’t forget to spread a little kindness along the way. The second you stop comparing yourself to others and trying to please everyone else, you will be steps closer to unleashing your #GIRLBOSS.


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