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Freedom, Hope, and Love for Kathia

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Freedom, Hope, and Love for Kathia

It’s hard to believe that slavery still exists. Even though it’s been ruled as illegal in every country, it’s still a reality for many people because of harsh economic conditions and cultural attitudes.

In Haiti, the term used for modern day child slavery is restavek, which in the Creole language means “to stay with.” This practice stems from the country’s deeply troubled history and affects one in every 15 children. Restavek children are often born into poverty and sent to live with other families who promise to provide a better life filled with education, stability, and other basic needs. However, the reality is that these children are entering into an unfamiliar home where they’re forced to give up their childhood and perform exhausting and demeaning chores for no pay. Chores range from fetching food from the market and cooking meals they will never eat, to caring for small children and cleaning bedpans.

What these children go through every single day is heartbreaking, so we made it our mission to partner with an organization that acts as a beacon for those who have been affected by restavek. Restavek Freedom is a charitable organization focused on working to stop trafficking and modern-day slavery in Haiti, so every child has the chance to experience freedom, hope, and love.

Watch the video below to learn how Kathia Oscar was able to rise above child slavery and regain control of her future with the help of Restavek Freedom!


You can support Restavek Freedom by purchasing Greenleaf products! To learn more about the organization, visit