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How to Find the Right Scent and Product for Your Space

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How to Find the Right Scent and Product for Your Space

Are you looking to find the right scent for a certain room in your home or searching for the right product to fill a certain space with your favorite scent? We are here to help!

Fragrance and Product by Room Guide:

Master Bedroom

This space is all you, so choose the scent that makes you smile! We recommend warm, soft fragrances that are comforting and calming like Cashmere Kiss, Vanilla, Meadow Breeze, Amber Warmth, and Haven.

If you have a vaulted ceiling, go for a larger candle. If you master bedroom is smaller and cozy, a petite candle will be just right. Somewhere in the middle? Incorporate a diffuser as well as a candle to create the right fragrance level for you!

Master Bath

Make your mater bath feel like a spa with calm, relaxing scents like Cucumber & Lily, Currant Rose, Lavender, Haven, and Spa Springs.

This larger space can handle a large candle for your self-care moments, but all bathrooms need room sprays and diffusers for everyday scent solutions!

Powder Room

You’ll want to keep that small space smelling fresh with a spritz or a steady diffuser in fragrances like Roses, Peony Bloom, Spa Springs, Seaspray, and Cashmere Kiss. For a quick burst of fragrance, keep a petite candle and a room spray in your powder room at all times.


Keep your kitchen smelling citrusy clean with lemon essential oil, Orange and Honey, orange essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, or litsea essential oil. The kitchen is also a great place to promote a homey atmosphere by keeping a petite candle lit, placing a reed diffuser or flower diffuser out of reach of your kiddos, or by diffusing essential oils in your Ultrasonic Water Diffuser!

Living Area

For a communal space, we recommend soft, refreshing scents that keep your space smelling pleasant but not overpowering. Haven, Cashmere Kiss, Amber Warmth, Currant Rose, and Patchouli Essential Oil are perfect options to accomplish a welcoming but not too strong scent.

In larger open spaces you need a product with a strong fragrance throw to achieve the soft, enjoyable scent that catches your attention when you first walk in but doesn’t create a distraction. The larger the candle, the greater the fragrance throw. You can also dial up the scent in this room by adding more drops of essential oils to your Ultrasonic Water Diffuser or layering one scent using linen spray on your drapes and keeping a reed diffuser in a central location. Get creative with different fragrance product combinations to create your ideal fragrance level in the living area!

Guest Room

You can help guests feel welcome with a cozy scent and a little gift to take home after their visit! Crowd-pleasing scents include: Amber Warmth, Painted Poppy, Hope, Magnolia, Cashmere Kiss, and Vanilla. While fragrance is a great way to create a warm welcome, you don’t want to overpower guests. For this reason, we recommend smaller fragrance products like petite candles, sachets, and room sprays or something like an Ultrasonic Water Diffuser and some essential oils so that guests can control the amount of fragrance in the room with how many drops of essential oil they add to the diffuser.

Laundry Room

Find clean, fresh, and powdery soft fragrance solution with Classic Linen, Cashmere Kiss, Spa Springs, Bella Freesia, Seaspray, and Haven! For a smaller space like a laundry room, we recommend flameless fragrance options that are safe to leave unattended as long as they are out of reach of children and pets. Room spray, large sachets, flower diffusers, and linen sprays fit the bill perfectly for the laundry room.

Bonus Room

The bonus room is for fun! Enjoy a fresh, fruity, or floral fragrance in this space with Cucumber & Lily, Meadow Breeze, Gingergrass, Spearmint, or Seaspray. While varying in size from house to house, the bonus room is usually closed off which means that a smaller product will have a greater impact. Go for a reed diffuser, large sachet, room spray, or essential oils here.


Keep musty odors, foot smells, and all other unpleasant closet smells away with refreshing scents like Haven, Classic Linen, Bella Freesia, Seaspray, or Jasmine. You’ll want to stick to flameless fragrance options like large sachets and linen spray here.

Kid’s Room

From fresh to soft florals, here are the scents that will fit the atmosphere you want to promote for play time, bed time, and more: lavender essential oil, Bella Freesia large sachet, Currant Rose slim sachet, Eucalyptus essential oil, and a Haven small sachet.

The best thing about finding the perfect scent for each space of your house is filling your home with products that smell good and make you feel good! Every time you spray your powder room with a burst of scented room spray, remember that proceeds from your Greenleaf purchase have been donated to help fight human trafficking.

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